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Hunkering The Surrealism Ball - Frequently Asked Questions


When, where, and at what time is Hunkering The Surrealism Ball?

Westerunie, Westerliefde (Westergasterrein), Amsterdam


Visiting The Surrealism Ball
In order to visit the event you need to:

1. have a ticket

2. pass a body and bag search before entering the venue

3. you are in an outfit fitting the event or have a make-over reservation

Where is Westerunie located?

The address is: Klönneplein 4-6, 1014 DD Amsterdam

Are there any restrictions? 

No, all restrictions due to the coronavirus have been lifted in the Netherlands. 


Is there a minimum age?

Yes, Hunkering events are 21+ events. Please note that we will check for ID at the entrance.

What happens if the government changes regulations concerning events?
We certainly hope there will be no new lockdowns and restrictions. If in the worst case, there are new regulations, we will always follow the rules set by the Dutch government. If an event cannot take place we will set a new date. 


You can purchase your tickets in the webshop. 

I can't find my ticket
If you can't find your ticket you can resend it. On this page, you can fill in the reference code which is on your bank statement (step 1). Then with step 2 choose your email address or use the Pincode that is also on your bank statement if you forgot which email address you used (or maybe misspelled it). Then press 'zoek tickets' / find tickets. 




I've tested positive for covid, can I return my tickets? 
The circumstances are beyond our control, therefore we cannot refund your tickets. We hope for your understanding and wish you feel better soon. 

Zero tolerance

All events in the Netherlands operate under a zero-tolerance policy. This means no hard drugs, no soft drugs, and also no nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

If there ever is a moment you are not feeling well, be sure to head on over to the first aid. They are there to help you out! And no worries if you might be slightly misbehaving, we will keep it ‘our secret’.


Can I bring my medication?

If you are bringing medication, please make sure to bring your official doctor’s note along with it.

Can I bring my camera?

We love it when you take pictures with your go-pro or personal use camera. Make sure to tag us online @hunkeringnl and #hunkering. However, professional audio-visual equipment is not allowed, unless you have been granted press accreditation.



Are there (maybe) pictures taken of me?

Pay attention, during the event photos and video can be made of the performances and the audience. By attending the event you also agree to the possibility of being included in these photos or videos. They can be published online... So smile! :D

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